Music Lesson Q&A

What is the price for lessons?
$30 for 30 minutes
$45 for 55 minutes

Is there a sibling discount?
Yes! $10 off the lesson for each additional sibling.

What age children are eligible for lessons?
The target age is 2-13 years old, but I sometimes see students outside of that age range, too.

2-year-olds, really?!
I believe it’s never too early to introduce children to music. 2-year-olds can learn rhythm and tone, and more importantly, can begin to see how music is fun and awesome. Most 2-year-olds I know love music already, have a few favorite songs, and want to make music. They are also better at creativity and unself-conscious participation than older children, and these skills are important for musicianship. Two is a great age to begin learning about music and honing some foundational musical skills.

Do you give lessons to adults?
Not usually.

When and where are lessons scheduled?
Lessons are scheduled for a particular time slot on weekday afternoons or evenings at Dr. Fruit’s house in Durham.

What instruments do you give lessons on?
Anything! If there is an instrument I don’t yet know how to play, I love to learn with you. But I am already familiar with drums, guitar, ukulele, dulcimer, piano, flute, cello, accordion, xylophone, trombone and trumpet. I also have all of these instruments at my house. You do not have to know which instrument you want to play in order to take a lesson. We can get to know all of these instruments, and more, until you find the right fit. Or maybe you’ll decide to learn them all!

What happens at a lesson?
Lessons are student-centered, meaning I try to follow the student’s passion and lead to determine the content of the lesson. We can work on many different instruments or just one, learn your favorite song or write our own. I teach music theory, how to read written music, and technique for playing the instruments themselves. I believe that the most valuable thing that happens at lessons is cultivating the student’s own desire to learn and play music, so that they can continue their musical journey for a lifetime and even when I’m not around.

What should parents and siblings do during the lesson?
You are welcome to leave your child with me and return at the end of the lesson. I can recommend some fun places nearby. If your child is easily distracted by your presence, this may be the best option. But you and other children are also welcome to quietly play (or just hang out) in the playroom at my house, or in the yard, while we have the lesson. I have lots of cool toys and books for all ages.

Will you give lessons at our house?

Do you give lessons to more than one student at a time?
I can give lessons to two or more people. Please contact me for pricing details. It’s best if students are close to the same age and playing level. For larger groups, we can arrange a “Playshop” series, or you can check the website for Playshops that are already scheduled. Playshops are fun music workshops for larger groups.

Do you have a dog?
Yes! Mordecai will bark at you the first time he meets you, but he warms up fast and is very friendly.

Why should I take music lessons with Dr. Fruit?
I’ve studied and played music my whole life, beginning with 10 years of piano lessons that started when I was 5. In 2012, I released my first children’s album, Kids for President, and am currently recording my second. I also have a PhD in the philosophy of childhood, so music lessons for kids combines my passions and expertise! My exploratory, student-centered approach to beginner lessons for very young children is unique. Music lessons are a great way to build confidence, strengthen listening and fine motor skills, practice being present, aware, and in your body, and develop coping skills by working through emotions that ought to be felt. There is a lot of evidence that studying the arts will help you succeed in learning in other areas. Learning how to play an instrument will be a skill that is with you your whole life, and can make you the life of the party. Plus, it’s fun!

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